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Updated: Jul 22, 2022

The hospitality and asset management company marks its one year milestone with Hilton property signing.

Naveed Khan - Chief Operating Officer & Clare Anna – Chief Commercial Officer
Pictured at the Hilton Garden Inn Abingdon Oxford.

Hilton Garden Inn Abingdon Oxford has selected London Rock Partners as its new hotel management company.

Tasked with maximising the commercial capabilities of the hotel whilst delivering an enhanced service experience to its loyal customer base, the addition of the Hilton Garden Inn Abingdon Oxford brings a global brand to London Rock Partners diverse portfolio of UK based clients.

London Rock Partners launched in 2021 and works with a network of industry experts to provide flexible hospitality and asset management solutions to hotels, venues, and commercial properties.

“We’re so pleased to have reached an important goal in signing up a branded property and delighted that the Hilton Garden Inn is our first. It’s located in one of the UK’s most famous cities and in the heart of Abingdon, a busy town which is well placed to mix business and leisure" said London Rock Partner’s Chief Operating Officer Naveed Khan.

"We have a lot of work to do to deliver the ambitious plans that we’ve set out for this property, and I look forward to working with the owners and the existing team as well as the London Rock Partners network to bring it all together” he continued.

Featuring 146 rooms across four categories, the property is ideally located for Oxford’s visitors and features two meeting spaces, a quality on-site restaurant, free parking, a fitness suite, modern digital touchpoints and more.

Chief Commercial Officer, Clare Anna, commented: “This is a big win for us and it’s with a brand that is recognised globally. We are excited about what lies ahead and we’re proud to be part of the journey of this unique property.

It is a fantastic place for business travellers and has become a popular destination for weekend leisure travellers. It’s a warm and friendly hotel that is immersed in the local community, so we are keen to nurture this and provide greater job opportunities through our work.”

The property went through a major refurbishment and transitioned to Hilton Garden Inn just prior to the pandemic.

Property details:

The Hilton Garden Inn Abingdon Oxford

For more information:


About London Rock Partners

Born in a post-pandemic hospitality landscape, London Rock Partners is a new approach to hotel management. They go beyond the tried and tested to deliver a standard of innovation to which the industry aspires.

Guided by their innate understanding of hospitality, they draw inspiration from the prospect of ‘what if?’ and 'what next?' to ensure consistent over delivery to clients.

London Rock Partners provides a full range of service hospitality solutions including:

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