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The London Rock Partners network provides unparalleled expertise to deliver results-driven consultation services. We cover the full spectrum of hotel finance, operation and support service consultation that empowers you to drive the most from your businesses strengths and opportunities whilst strategically guides you through its threats and weaknesses.  


Unparalleled expertise

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With full auditing, market research and high quality tailored strategic mapping in place – we put a magnifying glass on your business and consider the full scope of the micro and macro influencers on it. Whether it is a new or existing property or a new acquisition, we support you with your goals to provide full clarity on feasibility, long term business planning, financial management, due diligence and more.


  • Independent Business Review
    Our Independent Business Reviews (IBRs) thoroughly examine all aspects of hotel management and performance to pinpoint key opportunities to enhance your hotels performance across various areas such as Commercial, Finance, and Property.

  • Feasibility & Due Diligence
    Overseeing the feasibility of your project and carrying out all due diligence measures to ensure 100% compliance.

  • Business Planning
    Working with you to plan your hospitality business strategy.

  • Brand & Operator Selection
    We will support you to meticulously assess the optimal choice of brand or operator for your business, whether it involves local, national, or global brand negotiation.


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