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Updated: Jul 8, 2022

From global hotel groups and national event arenas to country house hotels and more, London Rock Partners celebrates a first year of business success.

LONDON. JULY 2022: London Rock Partners launched at the beginning of July 2021 with the vision to do things differently by offering a new-to-market flexible hospitality management model.

Within just 365 days, the network of hospitality experts led by Naveed and Clare have signed various contracts including the most recent management acquisition of The Hilton Garden Inn Oxford Abingdon. In addition to this, London Rock Partners continues to provide strategic consultation for a variety of hospitality related enterprises, networks, and events.

“The transition from corporate hospitality management to what we are doing today has been lifechanging. It’s been incredibly hard work at times given the market conditions and the challenges hospitality is currently facing, but the results are coming to fruition, and I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved here to date. There have been a lot of learnings along the way and our plans continue to scale with our ambitions and I’m really excited about what lays ahead” said London Rock Partner’s Chief Operating Officer Naveed

London Rock Partners also oversees the management of a luxury country house hotel in the Northeast. They also played a pivotal role in the recently opened Swansea Arena.

London Rock Partners Chief Commercial Officer Clare commented: “Working with such an incredible network of experts who are all renowned individually but come together under the LRP umbrella has proven to be a successful strategy. I truly believe that flexibility and an innovative approach to doing deals in the hospitality space is going to be what drives the future of the industry and I’m glad that we had the foresight to be one of the innovators."

New property signings are already underway which includes hotels in primary leisure and corporate destinations and the further expansion of the London Rock Partners central support team.

Naveed Khan and Clare Anna


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About London Rock Partners

Born in a post-pandemic hospitality landscape, London Rock Partners is a new approach to hotel management. They go beyond the tried and tested to deliver a standard of innovation to which the industry aspires.

Guided by their innate understanding of hospitality, they draw inspiration from the prospect of ‘what if?’ and 'what next?' to ensure consistent over delivery to clients.

London Rock Partners provides a full range of service hospitality solutions including:

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Katie King - Marketing Advisor

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