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Top tips for event proposals that rock

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Events are coming back, and they are coming back with force. But are they at pre-pandemic levels yet and are we doing everything to secure the business?

The Dom Perignon Private Dining Room at the Judges Country House Hotel

Supply still outstrips demand and event planners are spoilt for choice when it comes to venue options.

Making sure that event teams are ticking all of the right boxes in the proposal stage can be the difference between confirmed and lost business. Here are our top tips for standing out right from the very start with a business winning proposal that anticipates post-pandemic needs.

  • Virtual attendees Industry experts predict that 20% of conferences and events will be hybrid going forward, meaning venues will need to be ready and armed with sufficient technology. Proactively showing that your venue has these resources with tech savvy experts onsite and ready to help will help show off a very important post-COVID USP.

  • Transparency with COVID measures Venues must be transparent with the COVID measures and regulations they are adhering to, ensuring this information is clearly displayed in internal and external literature. Organisers want to make sure that their delegates are safe, and they want to know what restrictions there will be in place at the venue ahead of time without having to ask.

  • Think outside the box Not just outside the box, but outside the venue. Can outdoor space be utilised? Whether it be existing event space or an area that has so far been underutilised - showing flexibility and offering a range of different spaces will not only put the event organisers at ease, but it will also enhance the delegate experience in a world where we are still showing an air of caution regarding large crowds and enclosed spaces.

  • Be flexible from the start Many events will require a room twice the size they may have needed pre-2020. Consider anticipated delegate numbers and be flexible in what you can offer - the first time. Event bookers are choosing venues with more care now, with many enquiries being shorter lead, and you may not get the opportunity to quote a second time.

  • Quality collaterals Ensure you have a high-quality sales and proposal kit to share with prospects. That it visually reflects the brand and hospitality experience and contains all the relevant information in an easy-to-follow format. Up to date ad high quality imagery, floor plans and / or virtual tour of your space can help secure your event business. As many people are still working remotely and using public transport less than before, event bookers may not have the opportunity to schedule a site visit as easily as before.

Sales Director - London Rock Partners

About London Rock Partners

Born in a post-pandemic hospitality landscape, London Rock Partners is a new approach to hotel management. They go beyond the tried and tested to deliver a standard of innovation to which the industry aspires.

Guided by their innate understanding of hospitality, they draw inspiration from the prospect of ‘what if?’ and 'what next?' to ensure consistent over delivery to clients.

London Rock Partners provides a full range of service hospitality solutions including:

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